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Monday Morning Motivation

Posted by Trevor Jones in about the Jones Home Collective, Customer Experience, Monday Morning Motivation

Constructive Feedback   This past week I decided to embrace the uncomfortable. It took some courage and humility and I had to really keep an open mind.  I decided to – gulp – ask for constructive feedback, more commonly known as constructive criticism.   Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, many of us react […]

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What’s happening this weekend in Ventura and LA County from your Realtor Leila Jones

Posted by Trevor Jones in California, Events

I hope you are having an amazing week!  As always on Friday, just in case you do not have plans, I like to send a link with the top things happening this weekend in the area.    If you’ve been meaning to go to an L.A. museum, but haven’t found the time, make the time […]

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Organize Simply With Tracy-House for sale on the MLS make it stand out

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We LOVE having Tracy as part of our team.   When you meet Tracy she eeks excitement when talking organizing.  Quote “I LOVE creating places for things!  I love to Organize!  Watching someone get excited after I have helped them clear out things that don’t belong and helped them turn this same space into something beautiful, […]

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Dog Blog Wednesday-Find A Dog a Home

Posted by jones in Simi Valley local

Help us take these guys home. Happiness starts with a nose and ends with a tail. Garlic Ernesto  If you’ve got a home, I’ve got the love TLC is a small dog breed rescue which also owns a rescue-only pet shop located in the Simi Valley Mall – 1555 Simi Towne Center Drive, #587 (between […]

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Our Favorite City Spaces- City Auto Body Automotive

Posted by jones in Customer Experience, Simi Valley, Simi Valley local

You know that saying about how if you love what you do, then you’ll never work another day in your life? I call it’s bluff.   If you love what you do, more likely than not, you’ll work harder than you ever have before. You’ll wake up early, stay up late, shed blood, sweat, and […]

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First Time Home Buyers Report Challenges-“The Mortage Challenge”

Posted by jones in Buyers, Customer Experience, Mortgages & Finance, Real Estate News

It can be a confusing process even for those that have purchased before.  Working with qualified lenders that take the time to explain the process is crucial.  We work with some of the best.  If you are a first time buyer or just a buyer in general hope you find value in the information and […]

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